Who are we?

Stewart Smith and Mara Gordon met in early 2002 in the Bay Area, and decided to make a life together. OK, enough of this third person business…. We’ve been having a blast. After leaving Walnut Creek for Colorado and a HUGE house in a crunchy neighborhood, we (I) realized that it just wasn’t going to work keeping me tied down in one spot. Everywhere we go, we do what we can to be of service – in whatever way that happens to play out. If our path crosses yours, don’t be surprised if you end up here in Peregrine Odyssey.

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One thought on “Who are we?”

  1. Hello Mara and Stewart,
    My name is Pat Engelhard and I work at the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and have had the distinct pleasure of working for and with Stewarts uncle Rex. I have a favor to ask. I am doing a piece on his retirement for NEBRASKAland magazine and Rex doesn’t know the article is going to be in the magazine so it is kinda hush hush ( hope this post can be purged) . But what I am trying to do is write a piece about REX the man, the director, the father, the uncle – all that. I want to get some perspectives, stories, “here’s who is is to me” type of insight from a wide variety of people who know him. I was wondering if you would be able to provide me with a little snippet. The way I came across you to contact is when I was researching him and came across your travel log with the mention of his advice on where/how to go. so if you are game..let me know. If you are swamped or unable to respond I would totally understand. I only need a small section of content..a summary of your thoughts to thread in through the others I will collect. I have a month to do the story and max I think is 1500 words?

    Thanks so much for considering my request..
    Patricia Engelhard
    NGPC Web Content Editor.

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