About Mara

Born with wanderlust. Fulfilling my destiny. I am living my best life. Love of travel and adventure has led me on a journey of no set destination and no set schedule. My best friend is also my husband – I know, sounds cliche’ – but in this case, it’s really true. We live and travel in 14′ teardrop with Jeffrey and Emma, our two soft coated wheaten terriers. Hope to get to know you better. Want to know anything, just ask.

I sat down and updated my profile on LinkedIn recently when I realized it still listed me as a consultant. This is what I wrote:

For much of my career, my writing has been one of my strongest assets, as well as the part I enjoyed the most. During my years in politics, I actually received a letter from a donor telling me how much he looked forward to my fundraising letters because they were always so interesting. Since a sizable check was included with the note, I took it as a compliment.

With each career shift, writing was my fail safe, and now that I have reached the place when I am committed to living my best life, I find that I must write just as a painter must paint, and a musician needs to create a melody. So, I have created Peregrine Odyssey where I chronicle my current journey, as well as occasionally write essays on current issues.

In the coming weeks, I will be updating this spot with information on my latest creation, Peregrine Pages, an online magazine. It will have multilple RSS feeds allowing many writers to showcase their work on a myriad of topics – musicians, technology, politics, travel, social media, movie reviews. The list is dynamic, and will change as the contributions change.

If you have something you would like to contribute, please do.

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9 thoughts on “About Mara”

  1. I am not a blogger but may be now. This blog is a wonderful, diverse, interesting bit of information in one little compact page. I love it, lol. A lot like my streamer and your Peregrine. Simply put, their enough but nowhere near too much. I have not read all but have read a lot. Your descriptive and cool writing style is quite inviting. I’m jealous of the places you guys have RV’d to, if you will. I am hoping one day to do the same. Love the up all night thing and sleep all day too 🙂 Creativity, for me, whether it be writing, music or art is and usually has been best composed while the sun was absent. The older I get Mara, I realize that things happen for a reason. I am really glad I met you and I am fond of your spirit or energy. It is very positive. Good job on this. Talk to you soon. M

  2. It does seem that everybody is into this kind of stuff lately. Don’t really understand it though, but thanks for trying to explain it. Appreciate you shedding light into this matter. Keep it up

  3. Hi there, awesome site. I thought the topics you posted on were very interesting. I tried to added your RSS to my feed reader . take a look at it, hopefully I can add you and follow.

  4. I love your website! did you create this yourself or did you outsource it? Im looking for a blog design thats similar so thats the only reason I’m asking. Either way keep up the nice work I was impressed with your content really..

  5. Met you in Iron Mountain, Michigan and look forward to reading all your website postings…not just the ones from your travels here. Interesting, well-written, and eclectic! Wish you could have gone down the west coast of Michigan to Leelenau Penninsula for wineries there. Chateau Chantal, Leelenau Cellars, et al have won acclaim in competitions and are well worth trying. Come back in the fall for leaf peeping. Hope your sojourn to your birthplace was inspiring! And though your hair looks great in the pics posted, it was really cute curly as well!

    1. Thank you, Linda. The UP was something I will never forget… EH! Yoopers, beer, Gitche Gumee, beaches with red sand – the Upper Peninsula has so much to offer. I’ll be back for the rest of the hand soon.

  6. Mara, great meeting you and your husband at HEMPCON. I put his email address in my Blackberry and it was promptly lost! I plan to be in Oakland this weekend and would like to reconnect with you. I also am curious to try one of your “milder” goodies.
    Text me on my cell at 626-926-5626 so we can find each other in the crowd.

    O B

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