My Dollar Hoop Earrings

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Santa Cruz and Capitola for a “Girls’ Getaway”. While there, I splurged on a pair of $1 hoop earrings. Usually, I wear small, practical earrings; more placeholders than jewelry, but with my sassy new ‘do, I figured, what the heck?!

Since I’ve been wearing my new hoops, I’ve added my old bottom eyeliner, too. This has given me that edgier look that I had “back in the day”, whenever that was. As I leaned into the mirror to apply a flawless line, then quickly backed up to bring my face back into focus, I wondered how I was supposed to do this without a 10x power magnification.

I returned back to the salon where I’d gotten my hair cut, and said, “Jessica, take it shorter”. She was resistent at first, but when she saw my new hoops, she gave me a super pixie.

Now, when I go places, the young men who previously ignored me, flirt and fawn. At Pep Boys earlier today, two cuties were both on the ground competing to be the one to explain the difference between a shock and a strut, and why I didn’t need any. I saw another straining to see if I was married. On one stop today, I was asked if I was 35, when I said 51, he said, “Wow, you must work out a lot”. I just smiled and replied that it was good genetics.

I’m the same 35 lbs overweight I was two weeks ago, and just as cellulite-ridden. It’s how I’m carrying myself. Somehow I’ve got my mojo working.  All because of my $1 hoop earrings.

\”Got My Mojo Working\” Muddy Waters and Friends

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15 thoughts on “My Dollar Hoop Earrings”

  1. One of my neighbors, who is more spiritually oriented than I, has been urging me to wear large, hooped gold earrings. She promised me that by wearing such earrings I would ‘attract wealth.’

    Money has never been a big motivator for me, but maybe sex could be. I might just make a trip to my local dollar store, splurge at the $2. table at the street fair, or make a pair of hoop earrings myself.

    Thanks for the tip.

  2. So glad I got to be part of your journey to get your mojo—not to mention getting those $1 hoops. They sure had a great payoff—look fantastic on you–and so does the new hairdo!
    Loved our day in Capitola together–can’t wait for next time so you, me and Jamie can all wear our matching earrings.

    1. Let’s make it an annual event at the very least! I see a trip to wine country with our matching earrings in our future.

      1. Actually we don’t have to wait for you to return to Capitola. Darryle and I could tweetup with you in some far-flung locale!
        AND I must say you look cool with your hoop earrings and Keely Smith bangs. You got it girl!

  3. I totally love how you are so aware of yourself and who you are! No matter what the price of the earrings, you are one hot mama inside and out!

  4. Funny how something so small can make such a differance in the way we carry & view ourselves. Good for you. We all need to take a chance and try something new. Food for thought…..Thanks lov 😀

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  8. This one is really great. Just found your blog through another blog. What a great project! I love toys, I love photographs — you have just made my day! Thank you! ~Lisa~I’m not very good at English but I hope you understand me 😉

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