One More Thing…

We are hearing some really great music and seeing some really fantastic art along the way. Two in particular that we have been meaning to tell you about are NIAYH and Amy Rogers.

On the night Obama gave his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, we went to Avogadro’s a campus staple in Fort Collins, and watched with a few hundred other people. After the speech, NIAYH (Now Is All You Have), a Portland Oregan band, performed and blew our socks off. They were amazing! We liked them so much, we invited them for dinner that weekend. You have never met a nicer, more talented group of young people. Give them a listen. Let’s hope they make it big.

Next, while we were in UK, we visited with our friends, Stephen and Leigh Rogers. Their daughter, Amy Rogers is an amazing artist. She creates all these wonderful images combining traditional artwork with computer enhanced imaging. I, of course, know nothing of what I am writing about, but her work is definitely worth seeing. Another young person we hope to see in galleries who we can say we knew when… Good luck to them all.

Here are links to our web albums. We will add more as we can. Also, we will add captions over time. Promise. Mara’s pics and Stewart’s pics

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